Mine Site Audits, Pit and Underground Mine Dewatering, Acid Drainage
Assessment, and Mine Closure Planning

Experience with past operations, increased environmental awareness, and evolving regulations have focused government and public attentionon the need to control mine development as it relates to water management and specifically Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and environmental issues. It is important to develop clean-up strategies to rectify environmental issues from historical operations in a cost effective manner. The mining and research industry has responded to this need through the development of new technologies, tools, and management strategies. Waterline Resources Inc. (Waterline) integrates these tools and applies them to the needs of specific mining operations.  Mining services provided by Waterline include the following:

Dewatering and Water Supply Investigations

  • Underground and open pit groundwater inflow assessment;
  • Development of dewatering systems and assessment of groundwater impacts
    (chemical and physical);
  • Evaluation of groundwater-surface water interactions; and
  • Water quality evaluation and water management plans.

Environmental Monitoring and Impact Studies

  • Environmental training seminars;
  • Soil, water, and rock sampling and protocol development;
  • Monitoring well installation and drilling supervision for tailings and waste rock dumps; and
  • Development of analytical programs and interpretation of chemical and physical data.

Mine Site Audits and Closure Planning

  • Strategies to control AMD or contaminant release;
  • Development of tailings and waste rock closure plans;
  • Environmental mine site audits; and
  • Field supervision during closure plan implementation.

Structural Geology and Drill Site Supervision

  • Field program coordination and contractor supervision of exploration geotechnical, and environmental drilling for all field situations including helicopter support/remote locations;
  • Structural/geotechnical core logging (lithologic, fracture index and descriptions, RQD, SCR, TCR, rock strength, weathering, alteration, orientated core, point loads tests, sampling, etc.);
  • Packer tests, slug tests, pumping test and aquifer characterization;
  • Thermister installation and monitoring in permafrost terrain;
  • Installation of monitoring/dewatering wells, vibrating wire piezometers, multilevel piezometers, and standpipes.

Hydrogeochemical Investigations of Waste Rock and Tailings

  • Geochemical assessment;
  • Surficial geology and aquifer mapping;
  • Well installation;
  • Groundwater sampling and analysis; and
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling.

Modelling and Prediction

  • Equilibrium and kinetic geochemical modelling;
  • Flow and transporting modelling of tailings basin discharges and seepages;
  • Interpretation of static (ABA) and kinetic oxidation tests; and
  • Field evaluation of sulphide oxidation rates.

Tailings and Waste Rock Management

  • Geochemical assessment;
  • Hydrogeology investigations;
  • Deposition planning;
  • Water management planning;
  • Close-out strategies; and
  • Environmental monitoring.

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